So, what is a Virtual Assistant anyway?

So, what is a Virtual Assistant anyway?

Virtual Assistant

So, what is a Virtual Assistant anyway? Mention you’re a Virtual Assistant and most people will immediately look at you blankly, unsure of what you mean.

I know, because as a VA Coach and CEO of a VA organisation people are always asking me what one is!
So, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you, what a Virtual Assistant or VA is, as well as what the job description actually entails – as there are many misconceptions out there.

A Virtual Assistant is a small business owner

Most Virtual Assistants (or VAs, as they’re most commonly known), are small business owners who work from home.

They’re often highly skilled, independent professionals, who provide essential administrative, technical and/or creative services to one or more other business owners.

Virtual working

VAs may work alone from home, but they are usually an essential team member for many businesses.

They work virtually, providing off-site support for the clients they work with.

They may interact with their clients via email, telephone or live chat, whilst the work they carry out gets done through online or cloud-based platforms.

Virtual Assistants are not a cheap fix or Alexa!

Contrary to popular belief (and many online adverts), VAs aren’t a cheap fix. If you want a quality result, you need to hire a quality, well-trained VA – and would be looking at paying at least £25 per hour.

However, many VAs do have package or project-based pricing, as well as offering an hourly rate, so you can find an affordable solution for your needs.

There are cheaper VAs advertising out there, but often, they have no real training and you’ll end up struggling with language and time zone difficulties, as well as an overall sub-standard service.

Virtual Assistants come from many backgrounds

Another misconception is that all VAs are ex PAs or EAs.

However, in truth, VAs often come from a vast range of different backgrounds.

They could be bloggers, digital or graphic designers, successful online business coaches or social media trainers.

This unique combination of skills and experience, enables them to bring a lot of skills and qualities into their VA business.

Virtual Assistants aren’t just admin or diary managers

Although diary management and administrative tasks can make up part of their duties.

VAs aren’t just admin or diary managers.

With their varied backgrounds and unique skill sets, VAs can all specialise in something different.

Whether that’s providing specialised skills or serving specialised niches.

Services can include

  • website and social media management
  • copy writing, sales and marketing funnels 
  • product launches and project management, to name a few.

They’re credible, serious business owners that can help you grow your business

Hiring a VA not only gives you access to remote support.

It also enables you to get access to other skills and services you may not have.

With a vast array of specialised VAs, you can find the ideal solution to your business needs.

Whether that’s traditional-based diary and/or event management, or something more specialised.

No matter what type of Virtual Assistant you select.

The most important thing you will gain, is an essential and valuable team member.

Your new VA will be a business owner who’s serious about her business. Providing focused quality help, that enables your business to grow – but who will also be as invested in your business success as you are.

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