Rising costs of weddings

Rising costs of weddings

Rising costs of weddings
Rising cost of weddings

Rising costs of weddings. It has always been one of the most expensive events in anyone’s life.

With only buying a house usually topping it in terms of a one-off expenditure.

But, now a study has revealed that the cost of a wedding is rocketing.

With the price of typical nuptials in Scotland hitting a reord high of £32,335 last year.


The figure is 18 per cent higher than the £26,544 price tag of an average Scottish wedding in 2017.

Meanwhile, UK wide, the figure has reached a record high of £32,273 19 per cent up on the same year – 2017.

Three in five couples said they had turned to family to help pay for the day.

The report from wedding website http://hitched.co.uk, found that the highest expenditure is on the venue.


Rising costs of weddings
Rising cost of weddings


With barns and farms increasing in popularity last year.

Overtaking hotels as the most popular wedding venue.

  • The typical cost of a wedding venue came out at £5,221.
  • Even more expensive than the average honeymoon, which costs £4,545.
  • Food for guests costs £4,151.
  • While the typical price for an engagement ring was £2,657.
  • Drinks for the reception cost £1,769.

Sarah Allard, editor of http://hitched.co.uk  said “It’s clear to see that the venue really is the most important [art of a bride’s day.

With couples opting to spend 16per cent of their total budget on their favoured place to say “I do.”

“It’s no surprise that barns have claimed the top spot: not only do they offer a more relaxed and comfortable setting.

They also, lend themselves perfectly to the rustice trend so many couples are looking for.


Countries in Asia were the most popular honeymoon destinations, the report found.

While 22 percent of people said they were having both a honeymoon and a “minimoon”.

Going away for a short break immediately after the wedding to “recover”.

Postponing the full honeymoon for a later date.


London had the highest cost of a wedding with an average of £41,521.

A whooping 52 per cent more than the average UK salary and almost £10,000 more than the cost of an average Scottish wedding.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire weddings proved the most budget-conscious, costing the least with an average price of £27,245.

Social Media

Tiffany Wright, romance expert and professional bridesmaid at The Undercover Bridesmaid said “Due to social media, the cost of weddings are ever increasing.

People suddenly want and Instagram – worthy wedding which means splashing as much cash as possible to get the best pictures and the most likes.

There is more of an element of competitiveness nowadays when it comes to weddings”.

Bridal Party

The study also found that the typical wedding last year had four bridesmaids but only 3 groomsmen.

Although a quarter of brides said they had chosen five or more friends and relatives to be bridesmaids.

Time together before the wedding.

Meanwhile, the research also revealed that although the average amount of time that the couples are together before they tie the knot is four years.

One percent of those surveyed had known their partner less than six months before they decided to take the plunge.

A lot of information to take in, how much of it do you agree with and how much do you disagree with?

I would love to know.

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Original article by Jane Bartley



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