This wedding tradition could soon become extinct

This wedding tradition could soon become extinct


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Wedding Tradition

One of our best-known wedding traditions could soon be obsolete.

As more and more brides are apparently choosing to go without bridesmaids.

According to Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report, searches for more selective bridal parties have seen a 100 per cent increase.


The pictorial website found that brides are tending to have either fewer bridesmaids than we once did, or in some cases, none at all.

This, they argue, is to do with having a more intimate ceremony, which focuses on the bride and the groom.

Just the two of us
                                            It’s all about us

Other reasons brides could be choosing to go sans maids might be to end the difficult and often awkward nature of picking your chosen few.

Or it could be the cost involved in paying for their dresses.

Perhaps because women are tending to get married later in life and struggle to find adult women who want to take on the role.

Of course, many former bridesmaids would be very happy to hear this news, with the experience sometimes being one they would rather forget.

From the time-consuming, expensive pre-wedding rituals to the unflattering frock.

There are many harrowing realities of being someone’s bridesmaid, even if it is your best friend’s big day.

All in all, it’s less stress for the bride, less stress for the bridesmaids and might be a win-win situation.

However, the thought of losing this age-old wedding tradition does make us feel a little sad.

I didn’t see this coming, however, I can see why some brides are choosing to do this.

In the past few years I have seen the cost of weddings escalate to funny money.

It doesn’t help that brides are feeling the pressure of guests’ expectations to offer everything from photo booths, sweet carts or whatever the latest must have trend is.

There is no easy answer as couples don’t want to upset or cause any family fall outs.

The easiest thing in the world is to give advice, the hardest is to follow that advice and as a planner I can only guide couples, but if you want to have your day your way, be firm and stand your ground.



Article found in Harper’s Bazaar and reproduced by MSN News Feed page. 

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