Guide to gemstones – some myths and legends – Moonstone.

Guide to gemstones -some myths and legends – Moonstone.

Guide to gemstones -some myths and legends – Moonstone.

Gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history.

Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty.

Each gemstone is unique with a special colour, birthplace and story.

Gemstones come in every colour of the rainbow and are gathered from all corners of the world.

With each coloured gemstone possessing a unique creation of beautiful colour.

Some gemstones have been treasure since before history began and others were discovered only recently.

At the beginning of each month comes a new stone, some months have two gemstones and lucky me, December as three!!!!!!!!

Some stones I will post about aren’t associated with any month, but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating or stunning

As you will see as we progress through the year.


Moonstone varieties
Guide to gemstones -some myths and legends – Moonstone

Ancient Romans believed that this shimmering rock was formed from frozen moonlight, giving it the name Moonstone.

In colours ranging from colourless to grey, brown, yellow, green or pink and clarity that goes from transparent to translucent.

The best moonstone has a blue sheen, perfect clarity and a colourless body colour.

Found in India and Madagascar rainbow moonstone has a variety of colours from pink, to yellow to peach, purple and blue.

Fine moonstone is quite rare and becoming rarer.

It is also one of the first gems I bought and I always make sure I have a piece of Moonstone in my handbag. I think I might even have two pieces.


stunning morganite
Guide to gemstones -some myths and legends – Moonstone

With it’s dazzling brilliance and soft colours of clear pink, peach and hot fuchsia, it’s no wonder that morganite is known as the stone of divine love.

This delicate pink gem promotes love and prosperity or so they say.

With shades of pink dominating the fashion industry, morganite is a favourite for women of all ages.

Coming in pinks from subtle lavenders to bright fuchsias and even pastel pink apricot blends morganite exudes charm and tenderness.

It’s mass appeal is due to it’s versatile pink colours that compliment all skin tones and can be set in white or yellow gold.

However, personally I think that rose gold suits morganite down to a tee.


A marriage made in heaven.


Guide to gemstones - some myths and legends - Moonstone.
Guide to gemstones – some myths and legends – Moonstone.

Today, when we think of onyx we often preface the word with black to distinguish it from all the other varieties of onyx.

This gem comes in white, reddish brown, brown and banded.

Did you know that a variety of onyx that is reddish brown with white an lighter reddish bands is known as Sardonyx?

Black never goes out of style which is why you can never go wrong with black onyx.

It’s appealing rich black colour can be both classic and contemporary and will match any outfit you choose to wear it with as black goes with everything.








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