When is a diamond not…..?


When is a diamond not……..?

No, it’s not a  trick question?


Diamonds as we all know, are to coin a phrase “a piece of coal that has done well under pressure”.


The gemstone is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure.

Most natural diamonds were formed in the Earth’s mantle between one billion and three and a half billions years ago and carried to the surface in volcanic eruptions.

The rest, as they say, is history!.

The majority of diamond mining centres around Africa, Australia and most recently Canada.

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Zircon, especially the colourless variety is a popular alternative for diamonds and is known in some circles as the”Matura Diamond”.

Zircons are so much more rarer than diamonds, although they don’t command the same price as diamonds.

They have also played an important role in the  history of the Earth by dating it to four and a half billion years as opposed to three and a half billion as originally thought.

When is a Diamond Not……?

Why, when it’s a Herkimer diamond.

As you may have gathered a Herkimer diamond is not actually a diamond.

No! Really?

Yes! Really.

It is actually a double terminated (a crystal with two naturally faceted ends), quartz crystal which is rare in itself.


What makes this quartz even more special, as if being double terminated weren’t enough is that.

It is mined….

Wait, for it….

Already faceted!!!

It comes out of the ground not rough like diamonds but actually faceted.

Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?

However, I feel I must mention a downside to the crystals being double terminated and this is just a personal thing.

They don’t half dig into my wrist, what with my piece of Herkimer jewellery being a bracelet.

My own fault, I know, it means though that I can’t wear it ALL the time as I would like to.

If you are interested in learning more about the Herkimer diamond.

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