Funny how things change

Funny how things change

Funny how things change.

At the end of last month, I , along with Andrew, my husband, did something I had no intention of ever doing and never thought I would.

We went….


Andrew had been camping with the Scouts before, many , many years ago.

But I had never been camping

The mere thought of all those creepy crawlies.


Ok, so I am a big scaredy cat.

So, how did I end up going Glamping?



Funny how things change


The idea of spending two nights in a whisky barrel really appealed to me.

I found a discount offer on Itison, other discount websites are available, for two nights for two people for £79.

A continental breakfast was extra at £4.50 per person per day.

All bedding and cutlery was included along with tea and coffee making facilities.

An absolute must for the two of us.

You had your own fire pit outside, obviously.

small bbq
funny how things change








As well as a communal bbq. They even sold bags of briquettes for them both.

bbq hut
funny how things change







And with views across the Cromarty Firth and bang in the middle of distillery country with Glenmorangie and Dalwhinnie practically on your doorstep.

cromarty firth in the distance
funny how things change






Delny Glamping is perfectly placed, and not far from Inverness to boot.

Our first night was spent settling in.

Although that didn’t take long, a matter of kettle on, tea made and relax as we watched a bit of tv drinking from our blue and white enamel mugs, lovely.

Building the bed

Then, came the time to build the bed – a full super king size one, no less.

In order to do this.

I had to stand in the toilet come wet room whilst Andrew brought the seating together.

First of all he lifted one of the seats, took out off the bedding.

Then moving to the other seat, lifted it and took out four wooden slats that fitted across the space between the two seats.

Tongue and groove style.

Then it was a matter of rocking and rolling seats and clicking them in place

Then it was time for the rest of the bedding, including sheet, duvet and pillows.

With the bed down there was not much room for anything else.

My weekend bag and handbag had to be stored underneath the bed, whereas Andrew’s case was left in the boot of the car.

If we needed to go to the toilet during the night we had to clamber along the bed, open bathroom door,being careful of step down.

Breakfast is served

However, when our door was knocked at 9am announcing the arrival of our breakfast and we opened the door still in bed I might add.

The clamber to the toilet during the night was forgiven and forgotten as we were presented with

  • 2 still warm croissants – mine
  • 2 packets of cereal along with a bottle of milk
  • 2 yogurts
  • a wee pot of jam
  • 2 individual portions of Nutella and lastly
  • 2 packets of biscuits each with 2 biscuits

delivered in a wooden box with rope handles, it’s all in the details.

Not much, I grant you when you are used to a full Scottish or English, but sitting in bed with Andrew sharing our breakfast with our door wide open, listening to the birds and nothing else was nigh on perfect.


Once breakfast was finished.

I scrambled over bed into the toilet, got washed and dressed whilst Andrew put the bed back.

Then it was off out around the neighbouring countryside, and yes Andrew got his distillery visit in, Glenmorangie.

Then it was off to Tain, then Saltburn, and finally Invergordon itself.

Before heading off to the recommended local pub for dinner.

The Shandwick.

Lovely wee pub, enormous portions.

Just up the road from the site

Lovely wee pub, enourmous portions
Funny how things change






Then it was back to our wee barrel, which was called Hot Toddy.

Bed process was repeated, a lot quicker this time as we knew what we were doing.

And sleep.

Next morning we were awakened with our breakfast again.

Thirty minutes earlier as check out time was 10 am.

Although I could’ve sworn I heard a cockerel at 6am that morning as we had chicken and goats as our neighbours but it wasn’t very loud thank goodness, just added to the feel of the place.


As a first experience of Glamping.

I loved it.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

Might even attempt the BBQing bit next time.

However, maybe in one of their boothies which are bigger with the beds down all the time,separate seating area but smaller toilet/wet room.



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