Some random facts about me

Some random facts about Me

Some random facts about me. We all have, for want of a better word, things,  that makes us, us.

Things we say or do, small traits, foibles, likes, dislikes or rituals.

They could be hereditary, like being able to touch your nose with your tongue, or twitch your ears.

Could be anything.

But, whatever it is, it’s what makes you, you.

So, what are some of the things that make me, me?

I thought you would never ask!!!

Roll my tongue

Tongue rolling

And no, that is not a picture of my tongue that is a random picture.

However, it does show exactly what it looks like when I roll my tongue.

How did I find out I could do this?

I have no idea, probably saw it somewhere, tried to do it and what d’ya know?

Turns out I could.

It has not earned me my fortune, or made my life any better, or worse.

It just – is.

Getting my feet wet

paddling Now, this on the other hand is a picture of me, well my feet really.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to paddle.

And yet, I can’t swim.

The minute I am near the sea, I have this overwhelming urge to get my feet wet.

Standing there in the sea, wind in my hair, taste of salt and hopefully sun shining.

Absolute bliss.

Holding my skirt or trousers above my knees so as not to get them wet and failing miserably!

All my cares seem to fade with the ebb and flow of the waves.

Cliched, I know.

I am one contented, happy bunny.

Strange reaction

Mind you this “urge” of mine as had some strange reactions.

My husband, Andrew, is used to it and takes it in his stride.

Standing on the beach with my handbag, shoes and socks as I paddle, kicking up the water, sinking in the sand as I stand and soak it all in.

However, there was one time when even He had to look on incredulously.

We were visiting his relations down in Bridlington and had taken them to Scarborough for the day along with his Mum and Aunt who had came with us.

Where he had parked the car was not far from the beach.

When we were all out of the car, I handed him my things, as usual, and headed of down to the waters edge, just in time to hear him say  “It’s something Lorraine does”.

Meanwhile, there was me paddling, walking up and down, wind in my hair, taste of salt, ebbing and flowing of the waves etc. etc.

I could’ve stayed a whole lot longer than the five, ten minutes that I allowed myself,  but I was conscious of the looks I was getting from Andrew and his relations.

So, reluctantly I walked back up to them, rosy cheeks and exhilarated.

Mind you, I did ruin my boots.

They were all watermarked!!!!

Oh, did I forget to mention.

It was


And I went in with my boots on!

Obsessed by gemstone

World Gemstones
Some random facts about me – gemstones of the world

In case you didn’t already know!

And to be honest how could you not?

I am obsessed with gemstones.

There I have admitted it.!!!

Phew, what a weight of my shoulders that, I can tell you.

The rarer.

The better.

and, in any form




and, of course cut.

My first memory of seeing gemstones was in Argyle Arcade, Glasgow.

Wall to wall jewellers, at least it was at the time.

All the different window displays.

I would go from window to window, mesmerized by the rainbow of colours as I stared, nose pressed up against the window moving my head from side to side, trying to see the different colours.

On reflection, it must have looked weird – A child swaying her head whilst peering into a shop window!!!!!

Dazzled by the sparkle

I still am to this day

Though I don’t tend to sway my head so much now.

I love seeing my jewellery catching the sun and sparkling.

Gemstones captivate, hypnotise and fascinate me

How Mother Nature can produce so many different varieties of minerals just with a few slight twists and turns.

Isn’t she wonderful?

And finally

This is only three of the things that make up me.

There are others.

Like I have signed The Official Secrets Act – Just call me Jack, Lorraine Jack licensed to write.

However, I can say no more.

Or that I prefer winter to summer.














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